About us

We design and manufacture
since 1969

Linea Verdace was founded in 1969 by Maria and Alfons Verdat.
What started as a small workshop in the garage grew into the Linea Verdace brand. Over the years we evolved from a small studio to a specialist in lampshades to a specialist in plexiglass in the 1970s. Linea Verdace was the inventor of natural shell tiffany in the late 70s. With the arrival of halogen, our focus shifted to these new light sources. We were one of the founders of low-voltage light rail systems. With globalization, our offering generalized. Since the arrival of LED as a new light source, it is clear that sustainability is the future in lighting. Since 2018, generalization has made way for a focus on individualization. Our wide range of standard products makes way for a project-based approach. 

We focus on hospitality, project developers, and projects where lighting is valued.