Our lighting families


This family consists of transparent cubes and beams in 10mm stainless steel frames that are Physical Vapor Deposition plated (PVD). Available colours are yellow gold, rose gold, black or nickel.

PVD plating is more durable, corrosion resistant and has a longer lifetime then traditional plating.


Imagine mouth blown glass coated in various plating colours. Based on 4 shapes of glass and colours we create any composition with tailor made bases.


With Appena and Deseo we go back to our Plexiglass roots in the 70ties. Light is distributed through the acrylic and difused by the laser engravements. Style elements of our former Frost series revice in the Appena series.


Deseo means "desire" . We wanted to create a glass as paper leaf in the wind that conduted light. Viewing the weight, we went back to our Plexiglass roots in the 70ties. Light is distributed through the acrylic and difused by the laser engravements. 


As we are based in Antwerp which is the world famous city of diamonds we had the honnored to work on the biggest casino project in Antwerp. After brainstorming with the architect we developped our Blitz line. LED is incorporated in the profile which distributes the light into the cristals.


Based on our stainless LED profiles we integrated cristal in our design. At first for a project, which we developped as a lighting family.


Capricious are the organic designs we created with our profiles that started with our Connect family.


In 2014 already we introduced the first LED rings at Paris Maison et Objet fair. Inspired by planetary rings we named the succesor of Uranus after the planet closest to the sun as our main competitor. Rings can vary from 300cm to 30cm in various colours and combinations.


In a labyrinth, light symbolizes guidance and clarity amidst complexity. It illuminates paths, dispels darkness, and represents hope. Navigating a labyrinth with light can mirror the journey through challenges, where illumination leads to understanding and the eventual discovery of the center, signifying resolution and enlightenment..


Banderin, a Spanish term for a small pennant, often features vibrant colors and patterns. When illuminated, these banderins create a festive and lively atmosphere, enhancing celebrations and cultural events with their playful interplay of light and shadow.


Introducing the Bobolla lighting fixture: a stunning ball-shaped design that illuminates your space with elegance and style. Perfect for any modern interior, its sleek and contemporary look adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Ideal for creating a warm, inviting ambiance.


Ale, the lighting fixture inspired by the grace and elegance of the Ale animal. Its sleek, streamlined design and organic curves capture the essence of Ale's natural beauty, bringing a touch of wilderness and sophistication to any room. Illuminate your space with the spirit of Ale.


A lighting fixture that embodies the essence of cosmopolitan elegance. With sleek lines and sophisticated design, it brings a touch of urban chic to any space, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with timeless style. Illuminate your world with Cosmo, where contemporary meets classic.


Introducing Volterra: a lighting fixture family inspired by the renowned Italian region. Crafted from exquisite alabaster, Volterra blends timeless elegance with modern design, illuminating spaces with a warm, sophisticated glow. Elevate your interior with the natural beauty and artisanal craftsmanship of Volterra.


Illuminate your space with the Siringa lighting fixture family, where sleek 25mm stainless steel tubes meet modern elegance. Offering a versatile range of design variations, Siringa adapts to any aesthetic, delivering both style and function. Whether you prefer minimalistic lines or intricate arrangements, Siringa transforms your lighting into a work of art. Enhance your home or office with the refined sophistication of Siringa – where innovation meets timeless design.

Toc Toc

The epitome of elegance in lighting design. Crafted in 2016 to embody the ethereal beauty of a cloud, this fixture merges transparency with stainless steel chicken wire for a truly unique aesthetic. Radiate sophistication and modernity in any space with TocToc's subtle yet striking presence. Perfect for homes, offices, or creative spaces seeking a blend of artistry and functionality. Illuminate your environment with a touch of contemporary charm. Discover TocToc and transform your space into a beacon of style and innovation.